PlatPick - who are we?

PlatPick is a platform that serves as an open and transparent marketplace for outsource services in such areas as IT, finance and creative solutions, including website developers, product promotion specialists, visual content producers (photo and video), designers, accountants, financial advisors, etc. PlatPick allows consumers of such services to make the best choice based on a user-friendly and efficient search engine, using detailed and reliable information about companies gathered in one place and thereby to find the best team for implementing any project.

Why have we created PlatPick?

Who among of business owners, company directors, department managers has not faced a complicated process of searching external contractors? Not just individual freelancers, but companies able to provide an integrated solution in the above areas? Based on our experience in the IT field, we see the following challenges:

  • selection of suitable contractors for outsource projects
  • lack of clear and objective criteria for contractor evaluation
  • prepayment risk without quality guarantees
  • defaulted deadlines
  • language barrier and problems of finding information in a local language other than English.

In creating PlatPick we took all this into account and set the following tasks:

Our mission

  • to build a broad and open platform for outsourcing companies and their customers;
  • to optimize the search by companies interested in selecting a team of specialists for the integrated implementation of projects;
  • to make the EMEA and US markets of outsource services more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses by translating professional contractors’ files into Hebrew, English and Russian languages and adapting information to local requests;
  • to standardize the outsourcing market and ways of cooperation between external contractors and their customers;
  • to upgrade the remote work format in terms of quality and reliability.

What does PlatPick offer to customers?

PlatPick is a fast and convenient service for businesses interested in finding a reliable team with a proven track record rather than entrusting their outsourced projects to anonymous freelancers. It is intended for those who cannot afford working without quality guarantees and the risks involved in prepayment allocation. When creating PlatPick, we had in mind people who appreciate their time and resources and do not want to spend them on coordination between several freelancers working on the same outsourced project. Our platform allows users to stop constantly monitoring and worrying about deadlines and performance checklists, ongoing progress evaluation versus terms of reference. PlatPick is a reliable and trustworthy intermediary enabling customers to make a competent choice from a database of external subcontractors, having the most detailed and verified information about each of them. Such an optimized choice becomes the key to success of any outsource project.

The simple and user-friendly interface allows you to:

  • run a search by specified criteria in the relevant niches, view detailed files and portfolios of subcontractors and real users' reviews about them in three languages - Hebrew, English and Russian;
  • compare selected companies by the parameters you are interested in using the built-in filter;
  • set tasks and control work progress using the platform features (to be added in the future)

PlatPick for external contractors:

Joining PlatPick gives companies an opportunity to penetrate the markets of Israel, Europe and the US, because all the company information will be displayed on the platform in Hebrew, English and Russian. PlatPick also eliminates unfair price competition with individual freelancers. You will be able to leverage PlatPick to approach new foreign customers in the outsourcing market without investing large sums into building a marketing strategy. In addition, the platform provides resident companies with a reputation rating in the form of foreign customers’ reviews which can be regarded as reliable credentials as to contractor’s competence and service quality.

Platpick Concept Substantiation

Over the past year, according to the International Data Center analysts, the world outsourcing market grew by 4.3% and reached a one trillion US dollar mark for the first time.
The Israeli market grew by 20% in this segment. This explains our decision to launch the project in Israel - a country that is considered one of the main world centers for start-up industry and innovation.
However, on this booming market, everyone faces the problem of selecting external contractors for outsourcing services. Without full and detailed information about such contractors, customers are compelled to assume risks involved of cooperating with almost anonymous partners. Wrong choice leads to time and money losses and, as a result, to failed digitalization projects.
This is especially the case with such expensive local markets as Israel. The prices are too high for the simplest services, but, at the same time, quality and duration of their performance are often extremely unsatisfactory.
When creating PlatPick, we aimed at solving these problems by building a platform that could take care of and balance interests of all the parties in the process: on the one hand, customers who outsource projects and, on the other hand, external contractors who seek to obtain such projects. It should be emphasized that by contractors we mean companies that can provide customers with comprehensive solutions rather than individual freelancers. In other words, our goal is to standardize the market, optimize the search and selection of partners, as well as to help you overcome language barriers by displaying information in several languages.

Briefly about the idea behind PlatPick

When companies in different countries look for contractors to outsource a project, the query in search engine is usually entered in a local language. In particular, this is very typical for Israel, where customers prefer to use Hebrew. For potential partners, this means that even the availability of information about them in English on international resources does not guarantee they will appear in the search results. We want you to find each other!

PlatPick Development Roadmap

Stage 1

launch of the project and filling the resident companies’ directory
entry into the Israeli market
subscription feature implementation

Stage 2

development of the “Marketplace” model features
enabling payment via the service

arbitration function implementation
guaranteed work performance and payment allocation for the customer and the contractor respectively

entry into English-speaking markets
increase of traffic and company directory database
end of 2019 - mid 2020

Stage 3

the “Marketplace” model implementation
introduction of the project payment system within the platform
launch of internal CRM system
launch of arbitration system
entry into the US market
introduction of a new language: German
end 2020 - mid 2021