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Business focus
SEO  (50%)
Content Marketing  (30%)
ASO  (10%)
Marketing Strategy  (10%)
Business focus
Medium business  (60%)
Big business  (30%)
Small business  (10%)
Business sector
Digital Transformation  (10%)
Automotive  (5%)
Banking  (5%)
Software industry  (5%)
Information Technology  (5%)
Business Services  (5%)
BioScience  (5%)
Risk management  (3%)
Smart city  (3%)
Defense industry  (3%)
Smart mobility  (3%)
Logistics  (3%)
Finance  (3%)
HR tech  (2%)
E-commerce  (2%)
Media  (2%)
Transport & Logistics  (2%)
Wealth & investment management  (2%)
Drones  (2%)
Real Estate  (2%)
Education  (2%)
Internet  (2%)
Energy & Utilities  (2%)
Insurance  (2%)
Telecommunications  (2%)
Solar energy  (2%)
Smart home  (2%)
Engineering  (2%)
Manufacturing  (2%)
Health  (2%)
Information security  (2%)
Natural Resources  (1%)
Medical  (1%)
eDiscovery software  (1%)
Other  (1%)
Nonprofit  (1%)
Pension Sector  (1%)
Content Development
Link Building
Local Search
Mobile Optimization
On Site Optimization
Reputation Management
Voice Search
App Store
Play Market
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Oleksiy Kuryliak
Nataly Havrysh
Chief of Content
Sohie Zoria
PR Manager
Mark Shevchuk
Operations Manager
Yaryna Myrka
Content Marketing Associate
Alex Konig
Head of Global Sales
Tetiana Bahrynovska
Content Marketing Specialist
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Full Description

End-to-end Marketing Solutions with a Focus on the Business Verticals.
Industry-specific strategic marketing services based on the client business environment, targeted audience and the geography of the marketing communications.

Our core services include, but not limited to:
- Outsourced marketing management
- Marketing consulting for enterprises & startups
- Digital transformation
- Search engine optimization and search marketing
- Data intelligence
- A.I. and technology integration
- Inbound marketing campaigns
- Programmatic native advertising

We serve clients with an individual approach and provide industry-specific data-oriented marketing solutions Worldwide.

Rioks is a data-driven strategic marketing consultancy with a focus on B2B industries, SaaS product marketing, and E-commerce. Rioks brings your experience to the next level with industry-specific marketing strategies for emerging and developing markets. We supply clients with no-competition 360 degrees outsourced marketing services.