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What is the value of PlatPick for users?
- No bias - our platform neither promotes nor advocates interests of any party involved. All companies in the list are ranked according to the same rules.
- Real and verified reviews: all reviews are published after having been moderated
- Full and comprehensive information about companies: the website provides very detailed information about companies in order to simplify the preliminary selection
- Localization: all company descriptions and the site interface are translated into your language.
- Feedback: you can write a comment under any company review. The user who wrote the review receives a notification and a request to respond.
How is PlatPick different from other similar platforms?
- Localization: there are no similar platforms that localize the content in different languages
- Unique ranking system
- Web 3.0 creation: we want to create a full-scale community which will simplify the choice of a solution for your project as much as possible.
- Development potential: we do not aspire to be just a catalog. We are planning to become a full-fledged platform that enables users to contract services providers as smoothly easily as any goods are ordered in online stores today.
How are companies ranked in the catalog?
The ranking of companies takes into account many factors.
More details can be found here.
Can I buy a place in the catalog or somehow affect the company's position for a payment?
No, you can’t.
The listing is organic; companies cannot influence it.
Who can get into the catalog?
Only companies that have passed the preliminary moderation are presented in the catalog.
Can a company be removed from the directory by the site administration?
Yes, it can.
A company may be removed in the following cases:
1. Provision of false information.
2. Fake reviews
3. Confirmed customer complaints about fraud.
Does anyone check the company before adding to the catalog?
Yes, all companies are moderated.
Who can write a review?
Any registered user can write a review.
How to write a review?
To write a review, go to the company page and click the "Write Review" button
Is the review checked before publication?
Yes, it is.
Can I leave several reviews about one company?
Yes, if these reviews are not related to one project.
Can a company listed on the site leave reviews about other companies?
No, it can’t
Can a company respond to my review?
Yes, the company can respond to all reviews by commenting on them.
How does the commenting system work?
A comment can be left only by a registered user.
Once a review has been commented on, the review’s author and the relevant company receive a notification by e-mail.
If I write a review in English \ Hebrew \ Russian, will it be reflected in the other languages the platform supports?
Yes. All reviews are automatically translated and published in all the language versions of the platform.
How to track conversions from Platpick to my site?
A UTM tag is automatically added to the link that you specified during registration, which helps you keep track of all users who have reached you via our site.
Can I change the admin account email address?
Yes. In your account there is a separate form for this.
Can I remove my company from the catalog?
Yes, you can.
How can I improve my position in the catalogs?
The main criteria for ranking companies in the catalog are described here.
Is the Admin Email on My Company's Clutch Profile Private?
Yes, if you haven’t provided this email address as a contact.
Can I update my profile?
Yes, you can.
How can I add a company to the catalogs in other languages?
In your account, in the "Profile" section, you can add any language.
Will users see reviews about my company in other languages?
Yes. All reviews are automatically translated and published in all the language versions of the platform.
What can I do if my company received a negative review?
If this is a fake review, you can write to us. After receiving your notification, the review is temporarily hidden until its authenticity has been verified. If the review is deemed reliable, it will be published; otherwise it is deleted permanently.