How it works

The platform uses a unique system of ranking companies which takes into account more than 30 factors.
All companies, without exception, are assigned their rating based on these criteria. There are no special packages, fees, promotions or other ways to get to the top, except to match all the ranking criteria better than competitors.
The entire ranking logic is designed to provide users with the best selection of companies according to the parameters set and to optimize service providers’ search.
The main ranking criteria are as follows:
Complete profile
Full information about a potential contractor is an important choice factor. We strive for maximum openness and completeness of information.
Customer feedback is one of the most important factors that most people rely on. In our system, each review is evaluated per more than 7 criteria, including the relevance of the review for a particular catalog, budget, etc.
Company rating
Company rating is an indicator of overall customer satisfaction with the contractor’s performance.
Technological expertise
For the successful implementation of the project, the company must have a certain level of expertise that will allow it to perform any task at a highest quality level possible.
Expertise in a specific market and niche.
Experience in certain markets and in certain niches is a significant factor when choosing a contractor
We also take into account many secondary factors, such as:
Certificates and awards
Time on the market
Company size
Expert evaluation
Number of successful projects
Project sizes
Knowledge of languages

1. This is not among the main criteria, since often these indicators do not reflect the real level of professionalism.

2. All companies undergo an initial assessment and evaluation by experts. This assessment has a minor impact and applies only to new companies.

Our system ranks all companies individually for each directory, taking into account all filtering aspects. Internal ranking of companies is updated on a daily basis in order to provide the most accurate results.